“I recently sold my Tampa property at 8610 Egret Point Court. Karen Tillman-Gosselin was my Real Estate Listing Agent, and I would like to tell you what an outstanding job she did for me in difficult circumstances. I am a Canadian resident, and my husband and I were “snowbirds” for many years. Due to my husband’s ill health we were unable to go to Tampa this past Winter and Karen assisted us with listing “long distance” in a depressed Florida housing market. Unfortunately my husband passed away in December 2013 and Karen continued working hard on my behalf. She kept me updated on market conditions, sales and listings. Eventually an acceptable offer was made on the property. The buyer turned out to be a difficult individual, so Karen had two of us to handle! In summary, Karen not only professionally accomplished what I expected of her, but she also looked after title in joint name with sole survivor, all dealings with the Title Agency (who were not too familiar with the seller being a Canadian resident), the cancellation and final billing of utilities, and the satisfactory completion of work deemed necessary under the Inspection Report. Karen did more than expected in professional and caring way, and I appreciate all her efforts on my behalf. Thank you Karen for a job well done!”

– Marcia R.